Jobs/Opportunities @ Mani lab


Postdoctoral Fellows

The Mani lab always welcome talented and motivated candidates with PhD and/or MD for postdoctoral positions. Candidates with experience in either cancer biology, cell biology, molecular biology or mouse developmental biology are preferred. Interested applicants, please send a research interest, updated CV to for further consideration.

Major areas of research @ Mani laboratory includes:

  1. Identification and functional characterization of genetic regulators of invasion, metastasis, EMT and cancer stem cells
  2. Genomic and epigenomic analysis of cellular plasticity during metastasis
  3. Identification, characterization, and development of small molecules inhibitors for preventing and treating therapy resistance and metastasis
  4. Inducible and conditional knockout mouse models for modeling EMT and metastasis in vivo


Graduate Students

Mani laboratory may take up to two graduate students for Ph.D. each year. Interested candidates should send an email to Dr. Mani ( Students admitted to the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) are only eligible to join the lab. All others, please visit GSBS website ( for admission to the graduate school.


Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students interested in participating in research at Mani lab should apply through the Summer research program offered by MD Anderson. Their website is listed below.

  1. MD Anderson Summer program
  2. CPRIT summer program


High School Students

There are no opening at the moment.


Research Assistants

There are no opening at the moment.