1. “EMT and Stem Cells in Cancer Progression” by Sendurai Mani @ Alliance for Regenerative medicine conference

  2. Cancer Stem Cells by Robert A. Weinberg @ the Whitehead Institute Colloquium



News items


  1. Breakthroughs seen in cancer spread and stem cells BY Gary Goldberg, New York Times
  2. Adult Cells Steal Trick from Cancer to Become Stem Cell-Like, Scientific American 
  3. Metastasis Discovery May Be Key to Cure
  4. Protein central to cancer stem cell formation provides new potential target  
  5. Marker to identify, attack breast cancer stem cells discovered
  6. Breast tumors behave like mouse embryos
  7. YouTube video of Sendurai Mani’s lecture given at Stem Cell meeting on the Mesa
  8. Short (3 min) YouTube video of Bob’s lecture highlighting Sendurai Mani’s work
  9. Patents by Sendurai A. Mani